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North Sea Well Drilling & Water Filtration can take care of any service for your home or business water supply. We specialize in servicing older well systems. We install domestic, geothermal and irrigation wells, leak detection systems and filtration systems. Call today for a FREE estimate to upgrade your well system.


Call today to get a FREE water analysis for your residential or commercial property. Our professionals can help you change the way you think about tap water.

Keep your water tasting great

You can get professional installation of various filtration systems for your drinking water, including water softeners, acid neutralizers, RO systems, ultra-violet filters, and sediment, taste, and odor filters.

Install all types

of wells

 • Domestic wells

 • Geothermal wells

 • Irrigation wells

Top of the line products for your well

We can help you get a long-lasting and reliable connection to Suffolk County Water, and our products can turn your ordinary municipal water into something amazing. NS well drilling is a Franklin Electric Dealer. We use only the top of the line products available in our construction of well systems. Call or email us today for a FREE estimate.

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